For the game and its soundtrack, see Undertale and Undertale原聲帶.
Aren't you excited? Aren't you happy? You're going to be free.
- Monsters talking to the protagonist through New Home
"Undertale" 是Undertale原聲帶專輯裡面第71首歌。

It plays while the protagonist travels throughout New Home and learns the backstory of AsgoreTorielAsriel, and the first human. It is a song harmonizing the melodies of "Once Upon a Time" and "Memory"/"His Theme."

其他 编辑

  • In the game files, this song is split into two parts: "mus_endarea_parta" and "mus_endarea_partb." The beginning file loops while the protagonist is on the top floor of the house, and the second plays once when the protagonist enters the basement.
  • The sound files play at 0.85x speed in-game, matching the speed found in the original soundtrack.
  • This is the longest track in the Undertale Soundtrack, although its individual parts are shorter than "Reunited."
  • The original version of "Undertale" had a bit more somber feel and came with an entirely different guitar accompaniment. According to Toby, by hearing "Redline Day," he was inspired to rework the song and write a new guitar accompaniment, which would then become the basis for "Memory" (and, by extent, "His Theme").[1]
  • If a part of "Undertale" is slowed down by 666%, it sounds exactly like "The Choice."

參考 编辑

  1. [[Undertale Tumblr]]
Undertale 原聲帶
1 - 10 曾幾何時開始目錄你的摯友墜落廢墟嗚哇!好舒爽喔♫懸念不必要的緊張感敵人接近中鬼魂之戰
11 - 20 決心居所居所(音樂盒)心痛sans.
Nyeh Heh Heh!被雪覆蓋哇嗚!好有節日氣氛喔♫狗狗低音曲謎樣之地
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41 - 50 冷靜閃電蝸牛Temmie 村莊Tem 商店嘎!!
51 - 60 另一個媒體庫嗚哇!!好熱喔!!♫更強的怪物們旅館
61 - 70 喔!我的真愛!喔!牢獄某處正下著雨接近核心中核心
71 - 80 Undertale與sans戰鬥時可能會播放的歌你的抉擇輕微受驚屏障
81 - 90 一個結局她正演奏鋼琴我們終於到了合成物墜落(反覆播放)
91 - 101 最後的力量重逢開始目錄(完整版)稍作休憩炒熱氣氛吧,各位!