大厅 编辑

钻石接待员 (1) 编辑

这个怪物 有着与折纸一样的形状,如果主角选择与他进行对话,则他会友好的跟主角打招呼,他会告诉主角MTT度假村是个绝佳的休憩之处,仅仅用来路过也是一个不错的选择。

Hand Receptionist (2) 编辑

This monster will explain how the elevator to the capital is not working and claims that rooms are running at a special rate. They will let the protagonist stay at the hotel for 200G.

Sad Dragon (3) 编辑

This monster appears to be unable to go home, and as such has to stay at MTT Resort. They call home to tell their family that there is some cold pizza in their hoard to eat while they are away.

Shambling Mass (4) 编辑

This monster will express their feelings based on recent events in the game. Their emotions vary from being outraged at the broken elevator to being overjoyed about the barrier's fall to being saddened if Mettaton is killed.

做生意的人头狮身龙 (5) 编辑

This monster will comment on the state of the elevator in MTT Resort. They can be seen with their luggage next to them, suggesting that they were prepared to leave before it stopped working. They seem to share multiple similarities with Jade Harley from Homestuck, a webcomic for which Toby Fox composed multiple pieces of music. These similarities include the red shoes, round glasses, long black hair, and white fur covering their dog-like features.

Hallway 编辑

MTT度假村清洁工 编辑

这个不辞辛劳的怪物费了很多时间去清理两个相同的地方. 他看上去并不知道他其实制造出的脏东西比自己清理掉的脏东西还要多的多,这点从他身体上不停掉落的黏叭叭的绿色物体可以看出。

Restaurant 编辑

鱼鱼接待员 (1) 编辑

This monster informs the protagonist of the actions they must go through to eat at MTT Resort. They say that even the silverware has to be reserved in order to eat there.

雪鸭的爸爸 (2) 编辑

This monster is the father of Snowdrake, who he says ran away after his mother passed away. He claims to be a terrible father and is shown to want to make amends. If Snowdrake has been killed, he will ask if the protagonist has seen his son. At the end of a True Pacifist Route, they can be found reunited with Snowdrake and Snowdrake's Mother next to Papyrus's sentry station in Snowdin Forest. He was created by Braxton Harris.

查尔斯 (3) 编辑

This monster is rather reminiscent of a mole and is one of the workers in the CORE. They will talk about their job in a rather optimistic manner. They seem to be a bit distraught when the barrier opens up because they lost their job right after they received a raise. They appear to remain positive and optimistic, however.

Oni (4) 编辑

This oni-esque monster will complain about the amount of puzzles in the Underground, claiming that "You can hardly go anywhere without being buried in puzzles." They express joy at the thought of going to the surface and hope that there are not as many puzzles there.

舔榕属的怪物 (5) 编辑

这个怪物忘记在餐厅用餐前事先进行预定,同时也不想让自己因此显得很尴尬。所以他决定站在MTT度假村餐厅的角落舔着那株榕属(ficus)植株,为了让事情看上去没有被他弄得很糟。W.D.Gaster's 的其中一个追随者与他非常相似。他在废弃的房间304(unused room 304)也有出现, room_water_mushroom。