个人档案 编辑

Glyde表现得非常傲慢而粗鲁, 他为了得到主角的注意而为所欲为,他有时甚至会嫉妒自己。

在神秘的门外的有四个蘑菇的雪町房间里移动大约三分钟就能进行与Glyde的遭遇战,但必须在和Papyrus对战前与它进行对战(否则它就不会出现)。在屠杀路线中,主角杀得越多, 与Glyde对战前需要移动的时间就越长。

战斗中 编辑

攻击 编辑

  • 波浪状四角星形弹幕,与中立路线的最终Boss的某种弹幕类似。
  • 同样的星形子弹,但是更大,会在小型子弹弹幕中夹杂出现并且爆炸,使得弹幕更难躲避。
  • 少数情况下, Glyde会说一句话并做出像是要进行一次普通攻击的样子,但是并没有子弹出现。

攻略 编辑

  • 如果要击败他, 主角需要喝彩(ACT-Applaud)两次然后在接下来的战役中都选择什么也不做(ACT-Nothing)。

Quotes 编辑

  • ... [[[中立結局|中立结局]]]
  • How great I am. [中立结局]
  • Sorry... for NOTHING *ollies*[[[中立結局|中立结局]]]
  • Ok! I rule. I admit it! [Applaud]
  • What else do you have to say? [Applaud]
  • Boo? What a wimpy ghost. [Boo]
  • Mmm, Fresh Sweet Haters. [Boo x2]
  • Eh? You forgot to clap. [Nothing]
  • HELLO?? I'M RIGHT HERE!!! [Nothing]

背景叙述 编辑

  • Refuses to give more details about its statistics. [Check]
  • Glyde swooped in! [Encounter]nihgu
  • An arrogant-smelling wind blows through. [[[中立結局|中立结局]]]
  • Glyde is thinking of new slang for the word "cool." Like "freakadacious." [[[中立結局|中立结局]]]
  • Glyde does a fancy flip. [中立结局]
  • Glyde sees its reflection and gets jealous. [[[中立結局|中立结局]]]
  • Glyde is giving itself a high five. ...somehow. [中立结局]
  • Glyde is doing tons of flips to get your attention. [中立结局]
  • You clap really sloppily. Glyde sucks up your praise like a vacuum cleaner. [Applaud]
  • You clap like a gorilla. Glyde is becoming addicted to your praise. [Applaud #2+]
  • You boo... but haters only make Glyde stronger. Glyde ATTACK UP+DEFENSE DOWN. [Boo]
  • You do nothing. No effect. [Nothing]
  • You do nothing. Glyde looks disappointed you aren't paying attention. [Nothing after Applauding twice]
  • You do nothing. Glyde looks desperate for attention. [Nothing #2 after Applauding twice]
  • You do nothing. Glyde leaves to look elsewhere for praise. [Nothing #3 after Applauding twice]
  • Glyde is dying, but in a cool way. [Low HP]

其他 编辑

  • Glyde's name was likely decided by the Kickstarter backer who had Glyde put into the game. Glyde's name may come from the word gleyde, which can mean "a disagreeable old man," referring to Glyde's unpleasant demeanor. Glyde is also an obsolete spelling of glide, referring to how Glyde has no legs and can be seen as floating or levitating.
  • There is a small glitch that allows Glyde to be encountered a bit easier: If Undertale is open in "windowed mode" and lets the window lose focus, the protagonist will continue to march on the spot, which will allow players to do something else during that time. Walking and alt-tabbing while full screened has the same effect. One can also hold the " Up [↑], Down [↓]" keys, approach the north wall and march on the spot that way.
  • Glyde may be a reference to the Mortasheen monster, Twileye, in both shape and personality. Mortasheen is a fictional world full of monsters created by Jonothan Wojcik.

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