電話(The Cell Phone)是Undertale中由Toriel交給主角的一個物件。在後面的遊戲中,中立路線完美路線Alphys都會提及Toriel給主角的手機是很老舊的,以及她將其升級了。新的手機有著一個連接到次元箱的鑰匙鎖、簡訊功能、地下世界的社群網路、噴射背包、炸彈拆除功能跟射擊功能。

聯繫 编辑

  • Toriel在她把主角留在廢墟時前給了主角手機。在廢墟打給Toriel的時候,主角可以選擇要「說你好」、「關於妳自己」、「叫她媽媽」或者是「調情」。在問過Toriel關於離開廢墟的事情之後,玩家要等到在完美結局才能再度播給Toriel。
  • Papyrus的電話或者是Papyrus的熱線(Papyrus's Hotful Helpline)會在和Papyrus約會後獲得。這個號碼可以用來尋求秘訣或協助,每個地方會得到的回答都不同。這個號碼會在和Undyne變成朋友後變為「Papyrus和Undyne」。你無法在完美路線的最後打給他們,可能是因為他們的手機沒電了。
  • 如果主角在實驗室Alphys變成朋友,她會給主角一支新手機。她也會給出她的手機號碼,不過不會那麼快。

接通來電 编辑

  • When receiving the phone from Toriel, waiting in the room will prompt a series of calls over a period of time. These calls consist of Toriel getting her phone stolen by a dog, and her struggle to retrieve it. At first, she will call to say that she needs 5 more minutes. After waiting she will call again to say her flour was stolen by a small white puppy. After that the protagonist will receive several calls indicating that the dog has also stolen Toriel's phone. Trying to call her while her phone is stolen results in the signals being deflected by a dog. Conveniently, she retrieves her phone after the protagonist leaves the room.
  • After Sans lets Papyrus know that the protagonist is a human, they can randomly receive a prank call from him. He will ask if the protagonist's refrigerator is running, and his response varies depending on what answer is chosen. This will only happen if "Fun" values in the game fall under a specific range.
  • Alphys may randomly call to order a pizza before she is encountered. Although she is anonymous in the phone call, she can be identified by her voice. She says that she will text the protagonist the toppings, but instead ends up sending ASCII art of a cat girl. The protagonist's old phone cannot receive this, so it is read out loud character by character. This only happens when "Fun" values in the game fall under a specific range.
  • When approaching the area where the River Person should be at in Snowdin near the beginning of the game, the player will receive a call asking for somebody whose name begins with the letter "G". The phone call then transitions into the Wrong Number Song. This phone call is presumed to be for W. D. Gaster, but it could be for Gerson, Glyde, Grillby, or Gyftrot instead. This only happens when "Fun" values in the game fall under a specific range.
    • There is a known glitch with the Wrong Number Song where the avatar of whoever the player spoke to last will show up as the ID of the call. Most players have reportedly received either Papyrus or Sans.
  • In Waterfall, Papyrus will randomly call the player's cell phone and claim that he sequentially dialed every single digit to get their phone. He will proceed to ask what the protagonist is wearing according to a report from Undyne. It is unknown if this conversation actually affects the protagonist's battle against Undyne.
  • In Hotland and the Core, Alphys will frequently call the protagonist to try to assist them with the fights against Mettaton and puzzles in the area.

地下網路 编辑



其他 编辑

  • 如果玩家在Alphys房間裡的輸送帶上打給Papyrus或Undyne,顯示的文字將會是「停在原地」。
  • Papyrus提過他的追隨者距離兩位數只剩下十二的差距。這意味著說他有著-2名粉絲。

外部連結 编辑

機制 名字遭遇戰存檔 - 存檔點列表遊戲數據金錢靈魂模式彈幕面板
次元箱手機 (Toriel的簡訊) ● 嚴肅模式真實時間機制