羞壬 (Shyren) 是在瀑布出現的敵人.

外貌 编辑


戰鬥中 编辑


  • 羞壬会从头顶释放音符来攻击. 每哼唱(Hum)一次音符会增加且速度变快。These get faster and more ample every time she is hummed to.

戰略 编辑

  • 要spare 羞壬, 必須哼唱(Hum)至少一次.


  • .... .... toot .... [中立]
  • Si re, si re si mi si mi [哼唱一次]
  • Si Fa Si Fa So Fa So Mi Re Re 【哼唱两次】
  • Mi So Mi So Mi Si Mi La Si So [哼唱三次]
  • (aggressive tooting) [哼唱四次]
  • (final toot) [哼唱五次]

Flavor Text 编辑

  • Tone deaf. She's too ashamed to sing her deadly song. [Check]
  • Shyren hides in the corner but somehow encounters you anyway. [Encounter]
  • A talented singer, with a little help. [Check after humming once]
  • That's Shyren. She's your band-mate. [Check after humming a few times]
  • 聞起來像音樂. [Neutral]
  • Shyren thinks about doing karaoke by herself. [Neutral]
  • 羞壬微弱地哼唱着. [Neutral]
  • 羞壬用她的鳍小小地打着节拍. [Neutral]
  • 羞壬假裝自己是一名當紅偶像. [Neutral]
  • You wave your arms wildly. You are now vulnerable to electric attacks. [Conduct]
  • You wave your arms wildly. The crowd eats it up. [Conduct after humming a few times.]
  • You smile. You ask to see Shyren´s smile, too. Shyren gets quieter. In the corner, Aaron nods his head approvingly. [Smile without humming / After humming only one time]
  • You keep smiling. But nothing happened. [Smile #2]
  • You give a darling smile and a little wink. The crowd goes wild! [Smile after humming a few times]
  • You hum a funky tune/sad song/jazz ballad. Shyren follows your melody. [Hum #1]
  • Shyren seems much more comfortable singing along. [After humming once]
  • You hum some more. Monsters are drawn to the music. Suddenly, it's a concert... [Hum #2]
  • Sans 在賣用廁所衛生紙做成的票. [哼兩次後]
  • 一個戴著帽子的人看著遠處的騷動. [哼兩次後, 如果Papyrus死了]
  • 你又哼了一些。座位已經售完了。你覺得像一個搖滾明星. [哼 #3]
  • 人群開始扔他們的服裝。這是一場襪子的暴風雨. [After humming thrice]
  • You hum some more. But the constant attention... The tours... The groupies... It's all... [哼 #4]
  • Shyren想著她的未來. [哼了四次以後]
  • 你和Shyren已經走了很遠,但現在是時候了。你們都有你自己的旅程。你哼了一首告別歌. [哼 #5]
  • Shyren的聲音變得粗糙. [Low HP]

主要故事 编辑


在尾聲, 羞壬與變成合成怪物失散姐妹重聚. In the ending credits sequence, 她以Mettaton的後備歌手身份參與 Mettaton, Napstablook漢堡店員 的旅行(tour).

瑣事 编辑

  • 羞壬的名字是shy siren 的合成.
    • 更改掉下來的人類的名字為 "羞壬", 會出現 "...?"的回應.
  • 羞壬 is only the small fish atop the apparent body, which in turn is her talent agent.
  • 如果hum過羞壬5次 , 可以比平常早一個回合令Knight Knight睡著, 會提示 "你唱羞壬的歌".
  • 羞壬 will sometimes utter the phrase "Si-Re Si-Re, Si-Mi Si-Mi" during battle, which may be a reference to "Si-Re Si-Mi" by Franco Godi.
  • 羞壬 is always encountered, even if the kill counter in the area is depleted.
  • 羞壬 is one of the monster species making up the Amalgamate Lemon Bread; specifically, Lemon Bread is spared by humming, an ACT adopted specifically from 羞壬, and Lemon Bread appears to have羞壬's agent as her main body, giving her a similar overall figure to 羞壬's.

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