终极青蝈在普通模式中为在核心出现的敌人,也会在困难模式中的废墟发现. 这是青蝈的升级版本。这是在新居之前出现的最终敌人之一。

战斗中 编辑

共同出现 编辑

攻击 编辑

  • 一群苍蝇从战斗框顶部出现。它们停留一会,之后撞向灵魂
  • 一只青蝈跳向灵魂。青蝈会跳到战斗框的边缘上并再次跳跃。

Strategy 编辑

  • To spare Final Froggit, choose the Mystify act. It will then realize it has more to learn from the world.
  • It can also be spared after selecting the Compliment or Threaten act, similar to Froggit. However:
    • For Final Froggit, Complimenting also reduces AT, and Threatening reduces DF. These can be used strategically depending on the situation.
  • Sticking near the bottom of the screen allows more time to avoid the fly attack. Slowly moving the SOUL will make the attack easy to dodge.
  • Circling the Frog attack with the SOUL can cause the frog to never land, potentially ending the attack period after one jump.

Quotes 编辑

  • Skip, jump. [Neutral]
  • Robbit, robbit. [Neutral]
  • Creak, creak. [Neutral]
  • Woof. [Neutral]
  • Shudder, Shudder. [Threaten]
  • Nod, nod. [Compliment]
  • (Thoughtful croak) [Mystify]
  • (Impressed croak) [Stand up to Astigmatism]

Flavor Text 编辑

  • Its future looks brighter and brighter. [Check]
  • Final Froggit was already there, waiting for you. [Encounter alone]
  • Whimsalot and Final Froggit appeared. [Encounter with Whimsalot]
  • Final Froggit and Astigmatism appeared. [Encounter with Astigmatism]
  • What a nightmare! [Encounter with Whimsalot and Astigmatism]
  • Final Froggit hopped in...? [Encounter during Hard Mode alone]
  • That doesn’t seem correct. [Encounter during Hard Mode with Astigmatism]
  • Can you believe it? [Encounter during Hard Mode with Whimsalot]
  • Final Froggit stopped chasing Migospel around. [Encounter during Hard Mode with Migospel]
  • Final Froggit knows exactly why it’s here. [Neutral]
  • The battlefield is filled with the smell of mustard seed. [Neutral]
  • Final Froggit jumps ominously up and down. [Neutral]
  • You are intimidated by Final Froggit’s strength. [Neutral]
  • You are intimidated by Final Froggit’s strength. Truly. [Neutral]
  • You compliment the Final Froggit. It understood you perfectly. Its ATTACK dropped. [Compliment]
  • You threaten the Final Froggit. It understood you perfectly. Its DEFENSE dropped. [Threaten]
  • You did something mysterious. Final Froggit recognizes it has more to learn from this world. [Mystify]
  • You did something mysterious. But nothing happened. [Mystify #2+]
  • Final Froggit seems reluctant to fight you. [Meeting spare conditions]
  • Final Froggit stands its ground. [Low HP]

Trivia 编辑

  • "Final" refers to the fact that Final Froggit is the final form of itself, or being the evolution of Froggit itself.
    • As one of the final enemies in the game, final can also mean it has gained wisdom, strength, and understanding during their journey as they broke through their obstacles, confusion and difficulties in Froggit's life to find its purpose.
  • Final Froggit is one of the monsters that was turned into an Amalgamate, specifically the Reaper Bird.
  • Most of Final Froggit's quotes and flavor text are reversed versions of Froggit's, such as barking rather than meowing, understanding exactly what it hears, and standing its ground at low HP rather than trying to run away. This reflects an overall theme in the CORE, where monsters who were previously weak are now stronger and better, just like the protagonist at this point of their journey.
  • Final Froggit's name may serve as a nod to Starman and Final Starman from the EarthBound series, considering that in both cases, the "Final" version of the enemy appears spikier than the first.
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