神秘的門Mysterious Door)是位于雪町中,在「冰冷的XO謎題(icy X's and O's puzzle)」的房间的东南的一个地点。門上印有三角符文,被发光蘑菇和漂浮微粒包围。在與Papyrus戰鬥之前,可以在這裡遭遇到Glyde

开门 编辑


這扇門鎖通往的是「開發者房間(developer room)」,房間內有:象徵托比‧福克斯 - 煩人的狗,一台電腦open to那隻狗曾經寫的惡劣發文,一個拼圖謎題,一綑可能原先用於Papyrus的致命恐怖戰書(Gauntlet of Deadly Terror)的繩索,一台告訴玩家那隻狗是如何製作這款遊戲的「文字轉語音」轉換器,以及一個狗殼型的狗的殘留物

狗房 编辑

[When interacting with the game case]

  • (By barking with text-to-speech on, the dog accidentally programmed a whole game)
  • (Hmmm... seems fine.)

[When interacting with the rope]

  • (Rope.)
  • (Looks like this dog does all its own stunts.)

[When interacting with the puzzle]

  • (Finally, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.)
  • (The jigsaw puzzle.)

[When interacting with the dog to the left]

  • (You tried to pet the dog, but it collapsed into a pile of fluff...)
  • (Seems like it was actually just a dog-shaped husk of dog residue.)
  • (It's a pile of dog residue.) [When interacting again]

[When interacting with the computer]

  • (Looks like this dog makes a lot of bad posts on-line.)
  • (Text to speech is on.)
  • (Seems like the dog barks, and it translates to these bad posts)
  • (It doesn't really know what it's saying.)
  • (Seems like most bad posts on-line, are actually this dog.)
  • (Thinking about this...)
  • (Brings you relief.)

[When interacting with the dog in the middle]

  • (It's a small white dog.)
  • (It's fast asleep...)
  • (Fight the dog?)
  • [If "No" is selected]
    • (Let sleeping dogs lie, instead of fighting them.)
    • (That's how the saying goes.)
  • [If "Yes" is selected]
    • (Can't fight the dog.)
    • (Seems like the fabric it's sleeping on has too many holes in it.)
    • (Seems like the dog needs to "patch" the fabric.)
    • (Then you can fight the dog.)
    • (... maybe.)

[When attempting to use the Mystery Key on the door]

  • (You used the key, the lock clicks..... as the key failed to fit in the hole.)
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