真抱歉So Sorry)是會在藝術俱樂部遭遇的隱藏敵人。他是基於Undertale Kickstarter的集資活動而被帶進遊戲的角色。


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攻擊 编辑

  • 當他在背心裡找東西的時候,他會對著主角揮動他的尾巴。這是藍色橘色的攻擊。
  • 將皺巴巴的紙張扔向主角。
  • Summons doodlebogs that throw doodles in circular formations at the protagonist. The doodlebogs are disposed of with "Draw" ACT.
  • He mistakenly draws Doodlebogs, which throw doodles in circular formations at the protagonist. The doodlebogs are disposed of with the "Draw" ACT option.
  • When the battle is about to end, So Sorry does both of his first aforementioned attacks at the same time.

策略 编辑


  • 在戰鬥中連續十回合不攻擊。當doodlebogs出現的時候,不會計算回數。
  • 攻擊11次。

台詞 编辑



提示文字 编辑


  • This creature is definitely in the wrong time and space! [Check]
  • You're blocked in politely! [Encounter]
  • The enemy looks nervous. '[中立路線]
  • The enemy looks anxious. [中立路線]
  • The enemy looks perturbed. [中立路線]
  • The enemy taps his fingers together like jackhammers. [Neutral]
  • The enemy tries to copy your movements so it fits in. [Neutral]
  • The enemy uses a hypnotizing 3D-tush-wiggle attack. [Neutral]
  • You smile. They're a bit preoccupied. [Something]
  • You weep. They're a bit preoccupied. [Something]
  • You cough. They're a bit preoccupied. [Something]
  • Art lets your wildest fantasies come to life! [Dooglebog - Check]
  • You draw a boat. Away it goes. [Dooglebog - Draw]
  • The enemy is apologizing to its visions of the Reaper. [低HP]

其他 编辑

  • 真抱歉在戰鬥中可能戴著五種不同的帽子。(派对帽, 小牛仔帽, 貝雷帽, 小丑帽子和軟呢帽 )
  • 真抱歉無法於屠殺路線中遭遇。(因为藝術俱樂部屠殺路線中 被封鎖了)
  • 如果在屠杀路线通过非正常手段强制进到艺术俱乐部中,真抱歉仍然不能被找到,俱乐部上的牌子也是说“艺术俱乐部取消!”。
  • His appearance is partly based on the backer's own pre-existing avatar. The backer wanted to minimalize his own appearance and personality from his in-game representation to give Toby Fox more room to design the character more spontaneously.
  • Like some other characters in the game, So Sorry's flavortext pronouns contradict each other, giving the terms "it," "they," and "his."
  • If So Sorry is spared after the 6th, 7th or 8th time he is attacked, the G gained from sparing him afterward is increased depending on the last amount of gold he offered to stop killing them.
  • So Sorry's original creator, an artist known as "Samael," was the subject of harassment after his character was discovered because of the fat fetishism themes in his work.[1]
  • 当真抱歉的HP耗尽时,它会像Sans一样尝试一瘸一拐地走出屏幕.但是它在这么做之前死了.
    • 杀了真抱歉后,牌子会说"艺术已死。"
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