Moldessa (/moʊl.ˈdɛs.ʌ/) is an enemy in Undertale, appearing throughout the Ruins only on Hard Mode. It is a stronger counterpart of Moldsmal, similar to Moldbygg.

In Battle 编辑

Appears With 编辑

Attacks 编辑

  • Moldessa attacks by unleashing small white bullets that slowly travel downwards and then explode into small pellets.

Strategy 编辑

  • Moldessas can be spared by fixing their faces.
  • If the protagonist lies down, all monsters other than Moldessas will become spareable.

Quotes 编辑

  • Shh... [Neutral]
  • Hsh... [Neutral]
  • Krr... [Neutral]
  • (slime sounds) [Neutral]

Flavor Text 编辑

  • Can't decide on a face. Can't see friend from foe. [Check]
  • You tripped over some Moldessas. [Encounter with another Moldessas
  • A line of Moldessas block the path. [Encounter with two other Moldessas]
  • Moldessa tries to make its face look like a movie-star's, but it shifts apart. [Neutral]
  • Moldessa hides behind its ears. ...arms? [Neutral]
  • Smells like twelve-week-old gummy bears. [Neutral]
  • Moldessa's face looks... happy? [Meeting spare condition]
  • You encourage Moldessa to try a new look. Its face shifts... [Switch]
  • You adjust Moldessa's face. It seems to be happy with its new look. [Fix]
  • You lie down and rest. Moldessa tucks you in with a blanket of moss. [Lie Down]
  • While you were sleeping, the other monsters get bored. [Lie Down]
  • . [低 HP]

Trivia 编辑

  • Moldessa's name comes in part from the word mold, which is also in Moldsmal's name.
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