核心(The Core)是在離開熱地、穿過MTT渡假村後會來到的地方,也是在進入新居之前的最後一個地區。這個地區是整個地下世界科技最發達的地帶,藉由將地熱能源轉化成魔法電力(magical electricity),提供了整個地下世界的用電。

外觀 编辑

作為地下世界的科技中心,核心整體充滿了藍色與紫色的機械色調。其到處都有安全感光器(beam security sensors),以及許多的敵人,就像Alphys中立路線屠殺路線中所提及的一樣。

主要故事 编辑

完美路線 编辑

離開MTT渡假村後, 主角進入核心, Alphys便立刻緊張起來. 核心有大量敵人, 電梯沒法使用, 而在電梯的右邊的道路完全消失了. Alphys便指引主角去左邊, 並最終給了主角可憐的建議. 她最終因為尷尬而不和主角說話。. As the protagonist comes to the end of the Core, they meet Mettaton once more. He reveals to the protagonist that it was he who hired monsters to attack the player, as well as him that broke the elevator, removed the pathway, etc.



Mettaton explains that all of the encounters between him and the player, as well as all of the puzzles the player must complete were designed by Alphys as a way for her to insert herself into the player's story due to her admiration. Mettaton, however, got bored of this and by the start of the Core began to legitimately plot against the player, so as to cause incredible drama and excitment within his show. Likewise, him gaining the soul of the main character would allow him to prevent Asgore from killing humanity, and allow him to exit the barrier and become famous on the Surface- in front of 'hundreds of millions' of fans.

After the player defeats Mettaton, Alphys makes her way into the room, panics over the damage done to Mettaton, but reveals that it was only that his batteries ran out. Right before leaving for the city, Alphys reveals that Asgore cannot allow the player to leave, and for them to escape they will have to kill Asgore and harvest his soul to be strong enough to pass the barrier.


敵人 编辑

其他 编辑

Gasterfollower l3

Gaster follower #1 解釋gaster的人生

  • 根據Gaster的追隨者所言,核心是由Gaster所建造的。
  • 但是,有一天他掉进“自己制造的机器(可能是核心)”中,导致他的生命 "突然停止(cut short)" 。当普通游玩游戏时,没有怪物会提到Gaster 或是核心的起源.
  • 大多數在核心里遇到的敵人都是廢墟里敵人的加強版,它們也會在困難模式里出現在廢墟.
  • 冰在雪町里被投擲冰的狼扔出,最後會在核心溶解和消失。結合和Undyne的通話中可以得知,這些冰是用來給核心降溫的。
地表世界 伊波特山地下世界
廢墟 蜘蛛烘焙坊居所Toriel的家廢墟走廊廢墟大門
雪町 雪鎮森林神秘的門Grillby's骷髏之家
瀑布 垃圾場Undyne的家閃電蝸牛Temmie村莊神器密室Gaster的房間
熱地 實驗室藝術俱樂部MTT渡假村核心真正的實驗室
新居 Asgore的家屏障