散光 (Astigmatism) 是一只会出现在核心(正常模式)和出现在廢墟困难模式)的一个敌人. It is an advanced version of Loox since the enemy is one of the final enemies encountered before New Home.

战斗中 编辑

Appears With 编辑

攻擊 编辑

Astigmatism's attacks are similar to those of Loox.

  • Astigmatism summons orbs initially traveling diagonally

    Astigmatism's bouncing orb attack.

    up/down that bounce off the edge of the box once, which then travel vertically/horizontally straight the opposite direction it originally came from. Its velocity increases the longer the orb does not touch a wall, which resets the speed.
  • Astigmatism summons groups of 3-orb entities from the right that travel to the left while spinning around clockwise or counter-clockwise.

    Astigmatism's triple-orb attack.

戰略 编辑

  • To spare this monster, the protagonist must wait a turn to read what it wants them to do; it will say either "Pick on me" or "Don't pick on me" before attacking. Taking the appropriate action will allow Astigmatism to be spared.
  • Challenging an Astigmatism while other enemies are fighting will instantly make said enemies sparable.

对话 编辑

  • ...找我茬. [中立路線]
  • ...甭找我茬. [[[中立路線]]]
  • 你真的够了. [[[中立路線]]
  • Take your last look [[[中立路線]]]
  • That takes guts.
  • You've pushed your luck.
  • That's right! [Obey Instructions, if Pick On]
  • Finally someone gets it. [Obey Instructions, if Don't Pick On]
  • What are you so afraid of? [Disobey Instructions, if it wants to be Picked On]
  • How dare you. [Disobey Instructions, if it doesn't want to be Picked On]
  • You dare defy me? [Challenge]

背景描述 编辑

  • This relentless bully ALWAYS gets its way. [Check]
  • Astigmatism drew near. [Encounter]
  • Eyes appeared from the shadows. [Encounter with other Astigmatism]
  • Final Froggit and Astigmatism appeared. [Encounter with Final Froggit]
  • Whimsalot and Astigmatism appeared. [Encounter with Whimsalot]
  • What a nightmare! [Encounter with Final Froggit and Whimsalot]
  • That doesn't seem correct. [Encounter with Final Froggit in Hard Mode]
  • Not only potatoes have eyes. [Encounter with Parsnik]
  • Looks like a real party. [Encounter with Migospel and Moldessa]
  • Astigmatism doesn't care about fighting anymore. [Meeting spare conditions]
  • Astigmatism gazes through your soul. [[[中立路線]]]
  • Astigmatism gives you a hypnotizing glare. [[[中立路線]]]
  • Smells like glasses. [[[中立路線]]]
  • Astigmatism clicks its teeth. [[[中立路線]]]
  • Astigmatism has gone bloodshot. [[[中立路線]]]
  • You stand up to Astigmatism. [Challenge]
  • You pick on Astigmatism. [Pick On]
  • You don't pick on Astigmatism. [Don't Pick On]
  • Astigmatism is watering. [Low HP]

其他 编辑

  • Astigmatism shares its name with the optical defect itself, a visual condition that can cause blurry vision, squinting, eye strain, fatigue, or headaches. This might refer to the eye motif that Astigmatism shares with Loox, and also how Astigmatism is supposed to be more severe and powerful than Loox, since one's eye would hurt more if one had astigmatism.
  • Reaper Bird, one of the Amalgamates, is composed of Astigmatism, in addition to Whimsalot and Final Froggit.
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