外型 编辑

出現 编辑

它偽裝成小霉,但一旦接近或攻擊,它會變身為大霉. It can be identified before it transforms, as it is completely stationary and has no animations in its 小霉 form. Another way to tell if it is a Moldbygg is if it is among other 小霉 and it is not spared when the protagonist spares the other Moldsmal.

戰鬥中 编辑

共同出現 编辑

攻擊 编辑

  • Small 大霉 sprout from the bottom of the screen, shooting bullets at the protagonist's SOUL.
  • A reverse of 小霉 的攻击 :
    • Eight bullets appear from the edges of the screen, converge on a point, then rise.

策略 编辑

  • 使用不抱(unhug)後即可饒恕.
  • If Hug is used against 大霉, the SOUL's SPEED decreases for the battle. Touching 約涮 afterward causes the latter to run away.

對話 编辑

Flavor Text 编辑

Pre-Reveal 编辑

  • 小霉很普通.
  • Moldsmal is having quiet time.
  • Moldsmal sits motionless.
  • 闻起来像是一间 誘餌店
  • 這是粘菌...? [查看]
  • You lie immobile with 小霉. Suddenly...! [Imitate]
  • 你...突然....!扭動你的臀部 [调情]

Normal 编辑

  • One size greater than Moldaverage. [查看]
  • 大霉 約涮 出现了[到大霉跟 約涮]
  • 大霉 gyrates reservedly. [[[中立路線|中立路线]]]
  • 闻起来像是一间 誘餌店[中立路线]
  • 大霉 mills about in the corner. [中立路线]
  • 大霉 needs some distance. [中立路线]
  • 你躺下来了。大霉 也跟着一起躺下来。大霉 现在明白人生了。 [Lie Down]
  • 你拥抱了大霉. Gross slime covers you. Your SPEED decreased. [拥抱]
  • You don't hug 大霉. It appreciates your respect of its boundaries. [不拥抱]
  • 大霉seems comfortable with your presence. [When spare conditions are met]
  • 大霉has seen better days. [低HP]

Trivia 编辑

  • 大霉沒有在新居中告訴主角故事.
  • 大霉是合成怪物檸檬麵包的原料之一的;尤其是檸檬麵包的饒恕方法也是不抱, an ACT adopted specifically from Moldbygg, and Lemon Bread appears to have Moldbygg's top-most tier segments as her teeth and several bumps from Moldbygg's lower tiers.
    • This is further illustrated in Lemon Bread's idle animation as she performs a "roaring" action, which might be a reference to one of Moldbygg's quotes.
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