回聲花(Echo Flowers)是可以在瀑布找到的一種植物。它們因其能夠重複播放最後聽到的聲音的能力而得名,感覺就像回聲一樣。最後,它們傳出的聲音變成了白雜訊[1]。在瀑布內各處,主角可以透過回聲花來聽到一些怪物們的對話。

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  • All that gives my life validation is explaining the Echo Flower... No one can know... [First Echo Flower, if it was talked to first]
  • This is an Echo Flower. It repeats the last thing it heard, over and over... Neat, huh? [NPC in Waterfall, they were talked to first]
  • Never trust a flower... That's one of the constants of this world. [NPC in Waterfall, if the Echo Flower was talked to first]
  • (It's strangely silent.) [All flowers, Genocide Route]
  • Sitting behind rushing water... It makes me feel relaxed. I swore I saw something... Behind that rushing water... [Room with Ballet Shoes]
  • I just wasn't ready for the responsibility. [Room with Abandoned Quiche]
  • A long time ago, monsters would whisper their wishes to the stars in the sky. If you hoped with all your heart, your wish would come true. Now, all we have are these sparkling stones on the ceiling... [Wishing room]
  • Thousands of people wishing together can't be wrong! The king will prove that. [Wishing room]
  • C'mon, sis! Make a wish! [Wishing room]
  • I wish my sister and I will see the real stars someday... [Wishing room]
  • Ah... seems my horoscope is the same as last week's... [Wishing room]
  • Squeak. [Save point]
  • I can't run any longer... Somebody, anybody...
  • (You hear a passing conversation.)
    • So? Don't you have any wishes to make?
  • (You hear a passing conversation.)
    • ... hmmm, just one, but... It's kind of stupid.
  • (You hear a passing conversation.)
    • Don't say that! Come on, I promise I won't laugh.
  • [Undyne's voice] Behind you. [Encounter with Undyne]
  • [Monster Kid's voice] You aren't gonna tell my parents about this, are you? [Post-Encounter with Undyne]
  • (You hear a passing conversation.) [Final flower field]
    • ... hmmm... if I say my wish... You promise you won't laugh at me?
  • (You hear a passing conversation.) [Final flower field]
    • Of course I won't laugh!
  • (You hear a passing conversation.) [Final flower field]
    • Someday, I'd like to climb this mountain we're all buried under.
    • Standing under the sky, looking at the world all around... That's my wish.
  • (You hear laughter.) [Final flower field]
    • ... hey, you said you wouldn't laugh at it!
  • (You hear a passing conversation.) [Final flower field]
    • Sorry, it's just funny...
    • That's my wish, too.
  • [Toriel's voice] Where oh where could that child be...? I've been looking all over for them...
    • [Flowey's voice] Hee hee hee. THAT'S not true. She'll find another kid, and instantly forget about you. You'll NEVER see her again. [Final flower field, crossed through and then backtracked to the second flower, if Toriel was spared][2]
  • [Toriel's voice] Where am I...? It's so cold here... And so dark... Someone help me... Anyone... please... Help me...
    • [Flowey's voice] ... But nobody came. [Final flower field, crossed through and then backtracked to the second flower, if Toriel was killed][3]

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