Migosp (typically /ˈmɪ.gɨsp/ or /ˈmaɪ.gɔːsp/) is a species of Monster encountered in the Ruins. Its Hard Mode counterpart is Migospel.

Profile 编辑

Appearance 编辑

Like Whimsun, Migosp has a bug-like appearance, bearing two antennae at the top of its head. Migosp is a bipedal Monster and has two sharp fingers. Migosp bears two back lines on its underbelly and an oddly-shaped mouth.

Personality 编辑

Migosp is noticeably rude, yelling "I DON'T CARE" should the protagonist attempt to talk to it. Migosp is also focused, always direct on attacking (though it is not directly honed on the SOUL). However, this is only because of who Migosp is always around (as hinted by its Check), and becomes satisfied and easy-going once alone, dancing and enjoying the alone-time.

In Battle 编辑

Appears With 编辑

Attacks 编辑

  • Several cockroach-shaped entities fly upwards from both the left and right of the Bullet Board; they will not cross the middle.
  • Very rarely, Migosp will use the same attack as Froggit, where flies start homing down from the top of the board.
  • If Migosp is the only enemy remaining, a tiny cockroach dances around at the bottom of the board, ending the turn if hit by the SOUL.

Strategy 编辑

  • Migosp can be spared when it is the only enemy remaining in battle.
  • To obtain the yellow text, Migosp must be talked to after it is alone.

Quotes 编辑

  • HEED THE SWARM [Neutral]
  • OBEY THE OVERMIND.. [Neutral]
  • IN UNISON, NOW [Neutral]
  • I DON'T CARE. [Talk]
  • Mm, cha cha cha! [Alone]
  • Swing your arms, baby [Alone]
  • Bein' me is the best! [Alone]
  • Nothin' like alone time! [Alone]
  • La la~ Just be yourself~ [Alone]
  • Hiya~ [Talk after alone]

Flavor Text 编辑

  • It seems evil, but it's just with the wrong crowd… [Check]
  • Migosp crawled up close! [Encounter with Moldsmal]
  • Vegetoid came out of the earth! [Encounter with Vegetoid]
  • Loox and co. decided to pick on you! [Encounter with Loox and Vegetoid]
  • Migosp doesn't have a care in the world. [Alone]
  • Migosp refuses to give up. [Low HP]

Trivia 编辑

  • Migosp's name might come in part from the word gospel, especially since Migosp's Hard Mode counterpart's name, Migospel, contains the full word.
  • Migosp, like Jerry, will only appear alongside other enemies, never on its own.
  • It is likely that Migosp is a reference to the Zerg from the popular RTS called Star-Craft. The Zerg are "corrupted" monstrous insect creatures that originated from the planet Zerus.
    • The quote "HEED THE SWARM" probably refers to the Swarm - a Zerg "faction".
    • The quote "OBEY THE OVERMIND" refers to the Overmind (now deceased); it was an ancient creature that was created to rule and control the Zerg with psychic abilities. The Zerg usually attack in overwhelming overcrowded groups, although opposite from the Zerg, but it still differs from being alone and in crowds.
    • The quote "FILTHY SINGLE MINDER" probably is reference again to the Zerg, because the Zerg are mind controlled by a higher force like the Overmind, with the existence of its own brain and the brain of the Overmind, thus, it really is "double-minded".
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